Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Overbite Overview

If you have been diagnosed with an overbite, this simply means that your top teeth extend beyond your bottom teeth. It is a common dental problem that our doctors at Clareview and Belmont Dental Associates can correct with braces. Overbite teeth are considered a type of “bad bite.” It can either be noticeable or unnoticeable, but it some extreme cases it can make your jaw look significantly larger or your bottom jaw look much smaller.

Most often, overbites are inherited as traits just as the color of your eyes or the freckles on your cheeks. Other causes of misaligned bites may result from an early loss of baby or adult teeth, gum disease, or common oral health problems in children, such as thumb sucking. Once one of our doctors confirms your overbite with X-rays, he or she may take regular photographs of your face to further examine the relationship between the teeth, jaws, and head. From there, an individualized treatment plan will be developed to correct the bite.

If you wish to correct your bite with orthodontic treatment, please give us a call to discuss your options. To learn more about the services we provide at our practice, visit  for more information. To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at Clareview & Belmont Dental Associates here in Edmonton, AB, call 780-475-5922.

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